Welcome to Chris's Google 20 Project Blog

Entry 1: Project Goals


1. Google 20 is a plan that Google implemented into their entire workforce in order to gain ideas and projects will potential. Every staff member would use 20% of his week working on a project of his choice to promote creativity and enginuity.

2. Our final project goal is to create a website that allows students to share ideas and interact with one-another. I want to allow students to do this because almost every person I have talked to has advice on how to do well in a class, wether that advice is studying extra hard, participating in discussions, or just acting like you're listening; I would like to promote it. I hope this site also promotes just normal conversation between students about what is going on that others might have missed, like an event going on at school, or that the student store is open. Overall I hope to design a place where people feel comfortable sharing opinions and information.

3. I chose this project because I am interested in learing how to build good looking websites that help or entertain people

4. I hope to learn how to code in css with ease to make smooth modern sites, for example I would like to learn how to make a flat designed website with smooth animations that make the site look intuitive.

A. I need to learn and know how to use the basics of CSS, HTML and how design a live forum.

B. I need to know how to do this to make the good looking site that appeals to a lot of people.

C. I will lean how to code CSS and HTML through Code Academy because they make it easy to lean what you need.

D. I will make a live forum with the background I already have and with online forums where forum owners chat.

E. I anticipate that setting up the forum to be live and work correctly will be very hard but also very possible if we put hard work into it.

Entry 2: Day 1

Today I worked on making a login page for our website. I hope to make the header of this page a custom font instead of the normal css fonts. I also want to make a blurred picture behind the login to make it look good. I hope to make the login look very clean and stlyish as it is the first impression people get when they look at our website.

Entry 3: Day 10-16-15

Today I worked tried to lean how to use buttons through css. For some reason brackets isn't reading the javascript used for the botton styling correctly. This is extremely frustrating as I spent the entire time trying to fix the page but it still wont work correctly. I have to find a new way to create a login button via bootstrap.

Entry:4 Day 10-24-15

Today (staturday) I spent around 30 minutes learning how bootstrap worked and brainstorming on how exactly I wanted the website to work. Because I did not have dreamweaver I could not actually work on my site but I have a very good picture of how I would like to make the site work and look.

Entry:5 Day 10-30-15

Today I installed a software that allows you to work with boostrap templates and code. It was hard to find both these abilities in one downloadable program but I think our site will finally begin be designable. I also saved a blank login page template so I could begin working with what we need.

Entry:6 Day 12-4-15

Today I designed the logo and the homepage background. I also setup the pages css to work with everything. Sean is working on the nav bar for the site as well

Entry:7 Day 12-11-15

Today I finally finished the Welcome Page, origianlly the code was taking a stylesheet from another project, so I had to go into the HTML and fix it. I also redesigned the logo and positioned it in the center of the page. I wanted to create a button that allows you to enter the site which ended up being a lot of work. I designed it so that the button would be dark, and when hovered over, it would turn a dark red/maroon. Positioning the button took a long time to figure out, but it ends up I could just put in paragraphs as placeholders (thanks Mr. Davis).